Calling Bamboo Artists

Adult Bamboo Art Competition

Bamboo speaks to each of us in its own way, writing its story on our hearts and whispering its thoughts in our dreams. We each have come to be enticed by bamboo in our own ways. Some of us love to grow and interface with the plant while others are drawn to the multitude of its uses. This year we would like to focus on the bamboo stories and the deep connection that is created as a result. The art piece can be 2D or 3D and needs to be submitted in digital form by August 31st 2021.
We will contact the winner and invite them to give a presentation in person or online at the conference. An article featuring the winner will be published in the ABS quarterly magazine as well as highlighted on social media. We welcome all entries and look forward to seeing and hearing your bamboo story.

Kids Bamboo Art Competitions

Bamboo is a plant with so much potential for changing the world. Our hope is to encourage young people to get involved in the bamboo community so as to inspire the next generation of designers and builders in a more sustainable way. This year we are focusing on the story of bamboo and what that means to you. This could be the story that bamboo tells you or what you see when you look at bamboo.
How does bamboo inspire you?
What stories does bamboo have to tell?
This is a 2D format because the winner will have the images promoted on t-shirts, water, bottles, and mugs that will be available for sale to fund next year’s competition as well as highlight the amazing ideas that the youth bring to the bamboo community. We love our next generation and the creativity they bring to this forum. We will include a display of the art at the annual bamboo conference in October. We will also invite the winner to speak about the project either in person or online. The winners will be featured in our quarterly newsletter and on social media. We look forward to expanding our bamboo community and seeing what bamboo means to you.

The details

Adult Category

Please submit a minimum of 3 digital photos along with a written or video description of the concept.

First prize: 1000$


Please submit a minimum of 3 digital photos with a brief description of the concept or a short video.

First prize: 300$

Second prize: 150$

third prize: 50$


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Cathryn Davis

Cathryn Davis (aka Cathryn the Grateful) is a bamboo enthusiast, dancer, documentary filmmaker, producer and sacred activist. For the past six years she has served as the Executive Director of Enough Pie, a non-profit in Charleston SC that uses creativity to connect and empower the community. Cathryn began her career at The Charlie Rose Show in Manhattan and spent a decade in global marketing before returning to the Carolinas in 2012. She is the creator of the award-winning documentary film Fully Awake: Black Mountain College, leads weekly dance parties, and is a justice activist ( who strongly believes creativity has the power to transform. She founded and today leads A Living Temple, a non-denominational domestic temple based in Charleston that celebrates creation. Learn more at:

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Gerard Minakawa

Gerard Minakawa was born in New York City to Argentinian and Bolivian-Japanese immigrants and studied industrial design at the Rhode Island School of Design. He worked for several studios on both coasts as a product designer, started a bamboo-laminate furniture company and later relocated entirely to Bolivia, where he spent 3 years developing a sustainable handicraft economy with indigenous artisans in partnership with Aid to Artisans, a U.S.-based nonprofit. In 2007 he founded Bamboo DNA, a design/build company specializing in the creation and installation of architectural spaces inspired by the world's most gigantic grass: Bamboo! Minakawa has taught at the Rhode Island School of Design and was named one of the Top 20 Innovative U.S. designers by I.D. Magazine. His works have been featured in numerous international books and publications including the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Metropolis and the New York Times.

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Charissa Brock

Charissa Brock, who works and teaches out of her studio near Portland OR, has been making artwork with natural materials since 1994. She discovered bamboo as an art material in 1999 while earning her MFA at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. Her work has been exhibited widely in the United States and is included in the Arizona State University Museum. American Style Magazine included an article about her in its April 2007 issue and she was featured on the cover of the Journal of Wealth Development.

Bamboo, fused glass, stone, and waxed linen thread are used to create Charissa’s one of a kind sculptures


Please send all inquiries and submission to Shanti Pierce, find her e-mail below

Submissions due by August 31st 2021

Winners announced at the ABS Conference in October 2021

Frequently asked
questions (faq)

Deadline for entries August 31st 2021.

You do not need to be a member of the ABS and we always encourage membership..

Yes please include a short video describing the concept of the piece and why working with bamboo speaks to you.

Architecture is art – we prefer art pieces and realize that building with bamboo is always a form of art.

There is no fee for entering.

We encourage a global participation.